CGIA adopts eSignature with HelloSign and Improves Sales with a 17% Faster Time to Close

Carnegie General Insurance Agency Closes Sales Faster with HelloSign

Carnegie General Insurance Agency is a 30-year old business that specializes in non-standard auto insurance. The company provides coverage for a full range of personal and commercial line products such as motorcycle, collector automobiles, watercraft, and more.


CGIA works with producers - independent insurance agencies - on insurance application processes, but they were using a traditional, paper-dependent workflow to generate final policies.

The print-sign-scan-fax-email workflow significantly impacted the producers’ workflow because it would take two or three days to get legally binding signatures on new insurance applications into their content management system (CMS). They needed to automate their processes to deliver the highest quality customer service to insureds, producers, and carriers.

They initially integrated DocuSign, but, as Bob says, “With DocuSign, we had 2X cost increases that weren’t correlated to usage or features. It was dissatisfying given all the work we put in to make it work.”

After evaluating other solutions like Adobe Sign and RightSignature, Bob’s team quickly identified HelloSign as the ideal long-term partner to enable them to improve quality of customer service and speed up legally binding transactions.

“What I like most about HelloSign is that it provides an equivalent level of functionality, is more affordable compared to DocuSign and other eSignature solutions, and it provides an enhanced mobile end user experience”, says Bob.

In just two months the team had seamless migrated off DocuSign. Read the new case study to learn how HelloSign is enabling CGIA to deliver final policies 17% faster, reduce the time to close sales, and save 700+ hours per year with an optimized workflow.

Miguel Huizar, producer for CGIA shares, “With HelloSign we’re able to close sales about 17% faster compared to the manual signature process.

「HelloSign ではシームレスに署名できるため、保険の証拠をリアル タイムで提供でき、より短い時間で販売を成立させることができるのです。オンラインでの購入者は手間のかからない方法を求めているので、HelloSign は当社の事業に不可欠なものとなっています。」

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