CURE Auto Insurance Uses eSignature Digital Workflow to Transform Customer Experience

CURE Auto Insurance Uses HelloSign
新しい名前でも変わらぬ高品質!HelloSign の名称が Dropbox Sign になりました。

CURE Auto Insurance believes that everyone deserves auto insurance at a fair rate based on their driving history. And they are certainly no stranger to staying ahead of the curve. Customers can even make payments via SMS text messages. Now they’re using an eSignature digital workflow from HelloSign to meet the demands of policyholders who want to sign documents online. 

Back in the late 1990s, New Jersey made a dramatic change to its territorial ratings for auto insurance. The boundaries of the 27 auto territories established in the 1940s were redrawn utilizing current zip code designations. As a result of these changes, individuals living in urban areas suddenly found their car insurance rates increase dramatically. Unlike the competition, CURE identified an opportunity to provide fair rates for all based primarily on an individual’s driving history, not credit scores, education level or occupation.


It’s very difficult to efficiently request and receive signatures for insurance paperwork. Prior to adding electronic signatures to their workflow, CURE call center reps had to email documents and then wait for customers to print, sign, scan and return the paperwork. Many policyholders don’t have a printer or scanner at home and they would often call asking if the paperwork was received, adding even more traffic to CURE’s busy call center.


Rebecca Shaffer, Sr. Business Analyst at CURE, was relieved to discover HelloSign’s eSignature solution after previously experiencing a complicated electronic signature product.

“We needed something that is simple –both for our call center reps and our policyholders,” she shared.

Using HelloSign to eSign documents, CURE customers can return their signed paperwork quickly – oftentimes while still on the phone with CURE discussing their policy. Everything happens within minutes instead of days. “I listened to a woman wanting to get her car policy updates done the same day and she was happy she could complete the paperwork right there while on the phone with us,” Rebecca recounted. Customers aren’t left wondering if paperwork was received thanks to automatic confirmation emails.

CURE uses HelloSign for two types of policyholder paperwork.

  • Mid-term changes: such as modifying the deductible on a car or adding a new car
  • Renewals: prior to the annual renewal date, CURE sends all policyholders a renewal questionnaire to see if there are changes in the household or to the covered vehicles

To get started, Rebecca uploaded all of CURE’s documents as templates. This made it easy for everyone in the call center to use the most up-to-date versions of everything. Then she collaborated with HelloSign customer support to train the team of fifty call center representatives. Rebecca really appreciated the time the HelloSign customer support team spent working with CURE.

“There are so many vendors out there who don’t offer any training with their product. HelloSign is certainly easy to use, but we benefited from a hands-on overview that was customized for our specific business processes.”


With any change to a document workflow, there’s always an impact on the customer experience. Rebecca found that even policyholders who had never used eSignatures before had no trouble using HelloSign. During the initial roll-out, call center reps were constantly being told how easy and cool it is to sign documents electronically

Krystyn, one of CURE’s call center underwriters, shared her enthusiasm: 

“HelloSign is amazing. It makes everything so much faster and easier. Not just for us but the policyholder as well. It was really easy to find documents. Everything is clearly marked and the training booklet is perfect!” 

CURE has seen 77% of forms signed with eSignatures – customers are incredibly happy they no longer have to fax or mail paperwork.  Since a document cannot be submitted without all required fields filled out, call center reps save an inordinate amount of time not having to track down missing information from incomplete forms. As a result of adopting eSignatures, CURE’s call center has more time to focus on revenue-generating activities and providing exceptional customer service. 

eSignatures are seeing rapid adoption from carriers, agents, producers and solution providers in order to enable fully electronic, straight-through processing (STP) for new business applications

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