eDoula.biz Empowers a Niche Market With Its Online Platform

eDoula.biz Uses HelloSign
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What happens when you see a market of independent providers in need of a way to centrally organize their clients? If you’re Olivier Mills, founder of eDoula.biz, you build a solution. 

eDoula.biz was created to empower doulas. For those unfamiliar, doulas are birth professionals whose expertise lies in supporting and preparing mothers and their partners during and after a pregnancy. Akin to independent health providers, doulas frequently encounter all the challenges that come along with maintaining and growing partnerships with clients. 

After noticing a gap in online tools available to help doulas manage their business, Olivier decided to lend a hand. In early 2015, Olivier launched eDoula.biz

Inspired by his wife who was starting her own doula business, Olivier put his years of technical experience to work and created a digital platform for doulas to engage with and organize their clients online.

“There are tons of client management tools out there but none of them really suited the workflows of doulas. So I sat down with a couple of very experienced doulas and let them dream their ideal solution.”

The result was a user-friendly system for these hard-working professionals and the clients they serve.

How eDoula.biz Works with HelloSign

Using the HelloSign API, users can create and format contract templates directly on the eDoula platform. Once the templates are created, they're able to set up and send a contract or agreement within 5 clicks. 

They also have the option to send these contracts to their clients by email. This empowers both parties to complete the paperwork portion of the partnership in just a few minutes and without hassle. 

The flow looks a little something like this:

  1. A doula creates document templates based on their different services. The templates include field placeholders for things like names, due dates, fees, etc.
  2. In the client’s record, the doula sets up a contract or agreement using this template.
  3. The field placeholders in the template automatically get switched out with the client's information. The contract is then sent out via email using HelloSign’s convenient “signature request” process. Once the contract is signed, a copy is saved to the doula’s account, making it easy to source signed contracts and stay on top of partnerships.

Using eSignatures to Advance a Market

At the time of their launch, eDoula was one of the only companies to offer an advanced online solution to professional doulas. Since the official release, they’ve grown a community of over 300 doulas. New users continue to join the platform each day and eDoula expects to increase momentum as larger agencies join. 

Beyond providing logistical functionality to doulas, Olivier also cited an important benefit of eSignatures:

“Sending e-signable contracts strengthens the professionalism of the doula business. This has increased the credibility and overall reputation of Doulas and the doula industry.”

Visit their website to learn more about eDoula and their business model. Be sure to tell them HelloSign says hello! 

If you're interested in learning more about how you can empower your users with electronic signing, send a message to sales@hellosign.com. We're here to answer any of your questions.    

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