Unlock the future of digital agreements through blockchain: Join us at API World 2021

Nicolas Wu
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A blockchain is a decentralized and distributed digital ledger that is used to record transactions across many computers. As the transactions are stored in a decentralized way across the entire network of computer systems, altering or hacking any record on blockchain is difficult, which makes blockchain a perfect technology to store highly confidential data, for example, medical records, contracts, personal information, and so on.

As a leading provider of eSignatures, we always look for opportunities and technology to disrupt the eSignature industry. At API World 2021, Justin Johnson, a Seattle-based Web Developer at HelloSign will share how to write digital agreements on blockchain. His excitement around blockchain is rather recent, though he’s quickly become interested the innovation happening in both software and community organizing in the Web3 space. In his free time, Justin moonlights as a sound designer for theater shows, and enjoys creating art that lies at the intersection of technology and performance.

Unlock the future of digital agreements through blockchain: Join us at API World 2021

In this session, we’ll explore the topic of writing digital agreements to the blockchain and demo a working proof of concept that writes to the Polygon PoS (Proof of Stake) chain using open source tooling. We’ll have some time for questions at the end. If you are joining API World this year, we look forward to seeing you in our session at 10 AM Pacific Time on October 27.

Learn more about the session

Join us for a live demo of the HelloSign API

Throughout the event, we’ll be running live demos at the HelloSign virtual booth. Here are a few topics we’ll be covering. Stop by and ask us questions!

  • Automate document signing with the HelloSign API: Learn more about eSignature use cases and how the HelloSign API can be used to automate document signing workflows.
  • Embedding eSignatures on your website: Embed eSignatures directly on your website using the HelloSign API.
  • Personalize the signing experience with the HelloSign API: Understand how to customize your signing workflow using HelloSign API’s white labeling feature.

Get 100 GB of free Dropbox storage when you test the HelloSign API*

It’s a win-win situation. Make your first Signature Request API call using the HelloSign API and get 100 GB of free Dropbox storage. Visit HelloSign’s sponsor page to claim this offer!

The HelloSign API is perfect for you if:

  • You’re thinking about integrating legally binding eSignatures in your app
  • You have lots in your plate and need an eSignature API that is easy to get started
  • You care about custom branding for a seamless signature workflow
  • You want the Fastest to Implement eSignature API in the industry**

You can redeem this offer by visiting the HelloSign sponsor page at the event on October 27 and 28. Look forward to seeing you virtually!

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