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よく使うドキュメントを HelloSign テンプレートにすると、毎回の署名依頼を効率化できます。
HelloSign で作成中のテンプレートを示す製品ビジュアル。署名フィールドと氏名フィールドの両方が追加されている。

再利用できる HelloSign テンプレートが時間の節約に役立つ理由

ドキュメントへの署名または送信と、テンプレートの作成のオプションが表示された HelloSign トップページの製品ビジュアル
1. ドキュメントをアップロード
2. 署名者を指定
クライアントや賃借人、ビジネス オーナー、社員などが署名者に該当します。
3. 署名者が入力するフィールドを設定
署名者ごとに、情報の入力が必要となる署名フィールドをドラッグ & ドロップします。
4. 保存、送信、再利用


署名用のドキュメントを繰り返し準備するのに時間を費やす代わりに、HelloSign テンプレートを使ってフォームを保存しましょう。テンプレートは、異なる相手に頻繁に送信する必要のあるドキュメントに最適です。
HelloSign テンプレートを無料で使用する*
*HelloSign のすべての有料プランでご利用になれます。30 日間の無料トライアルもご用意しています。

Simplify bulk sends with multi-signer capabilities

Individuals can streamline their signature process by adding multiple signers to a bulk send. Now you can send 250 requests at a time, each with up to 20 signers, by uploading a CSV of signer data, significantly speeding up the signature request process for multi-signer documents.
HelloSign テンプレートを使えば、これまでよりもずっとスピーディーにドキュメントを準備して署名を受け取れます。
*テンプレートはすべての有料プランでご利用になれます。30 日間の無料トライアルもご用意しています。


Why do you need a contract template?
逆 V 字型のアイコン

Contract templates from HelloSign let you automate your busiest work, saving you time when creating high-volume documents that are sent to different recipients frequently. You only need to prepare a document once, after which you can reuse it in seconds. HelloSign templates have been designed to ensure that you don’t have to start from scratch each time you create a new contract and thereby risk omitting potentially business-critical information. If you have terms and types of agreements you use frequently, it makes sense to templatize them. With HelloSign, you can save yourself even more time by turning the contract template into a dynamic form with intelligent fillable fields already in place—so when you need to make a new agreement, all you have to do is enter the specific name or other fields, and away you go. Templates ensure professionalism and consistency across your operations.

What kinds of contract templates does HelloSign offer?
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Download common form templates for a variety of business and individual uses on our Templates page, including non-disclosure agreements, photo release waivers, consulting agreements and Form W-2. Then, drag-and-drop clearly marked and fillable signature fields into the document before sending to all relevant parties for signature. The HelloSign Templates feature allows you to save your formatting and send high-volume documents again and again without starting from scratch, in a matter of clicks. Start your free trial today and experience the power that HelloSign templates can have on your document signing workflows.

Are HelloSign Templates available as part of a free plan?
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HelloSign Templates are only available to our paid users, however you can sign up for a free trial in just a few clicks, with no obligation to subscribe once the trial period ends. The number of HelloSign Templates available to users varies depending on which plan you sign up to. For just $15 USD a month you can access 5 templates as part of the Essentials package, whereas Premium users get unlimited templates, along with a whole host of other amazing benefits.

What do form templates help people achieve?
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First and foremost, form templates help people save time, freeing up resources and energy for what is most important. Form templates help businesses and individuals radically reduce signature process times, for example when Entrust brought their client service agreements timeframe down from 2 weeks to just 1 day with HelloSign. HelloSign features allow users to drag-and-drop signature fields wherever they need to be on a document, making it easier to get important documents signed and returned to you quicker, correct the first time.